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Ohana Visual Solutions is a Wendell based company which offers a full range of digital media solutions for all business types and sizes. We also offer services for all type of events and promotions from weddings to family gatherings. We find that taking pride and responsibility in our company to continuously stay up-to-date and economically sound, is essential in order to stay competitive in tomorrow's world.


Why us

As there are many other companies to choose from, we put emphasis on knowing that there is more to what you want, than through what you say. We’ve trained ourselves to read in-between the lines and offer solutions to take things one-step further. In agreement with someone we once heard, we truly believe that our degrees make up 1% of our success, and our passion, talent, and drive make up the other 99%. Everyday brings something “bigger” and “better”, or accredits itself as the next new trend. We prefer to stay away from all of that and instead aid you in creating a movement.


We Foster Growth

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” We find it more worthwhile to educate businesses and people on how to be independent after we’ve laid the groundwork; therefore, we do not believe in patch jobs, which never last long. Instead we make all efforts in creating long-term solutions.


Extreme Customer Focus

Our commitment to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company. Our primary goal is to sustain long-term relationships with our clients, so as your promotions partner, when your business grows, we grow with you. We take pleasure in working hand in hand with you as a strong support system.


Brittany Moore

Media Production Director/Founder
I am responsible for directing and overseeing production operations for digital media based projects, with a specialty in video production.

Renate Stokke

Chief Creative Officer/Founder
I am responsible for the development of high-level concepts for design pitches over all projects. I specialize in interactive media with international experience.

About Ohana VS

Our company's foundation is built upon aiding and contributing to our clients needs with creating a well-rounded visual solution(s) that will promote and add value to their business.

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